Kane County at Burlington

April 10th, 2004

Brian Ingram SS 4 1 1 0
Luke Appert 2B 4 0 2 1
David Castillo DH 2 0 0 0
Eddie Kim 1B 5 0 0 1
Brian Snyder 3B 4 0 0 0
Dustin Majewski CF 4 0 1 1
Trevor Brown C 4 0 1 0
Chris Tritle RF 3 2 1 0
Luis Perez LF 2 1 0 0
Chris Lubanski CF 3 0 0 0
Angel Sanchez SS 4 0 1 1
Mitch Maier 3B 4 0 0 0
Kila Kaaihue 1B 4 0 1 0
Brian Foster C 4 0 0 0
Bryan Graham LF 3 0 1 0
Mike Gaffney DH 3 0 0 0
Walter Sevilla 2B 2 1 0 0
Jeff Barry RF 2 0 0 0
E-Appert, Kaaihue, LOB-Cougars-10, Bees-4, 2B-Appert 2, Tritle, Kaaihue, SACB-Appert
Kane County 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 2 4 6 1
Burlington 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 3 1
Chris Dunwell 5+2 2 1 1 2 1 W (1-0) 0 0 0 16 18 4 7 66 40
Drew Friedberg 0.2 1 0 0 1 2 ND 0 0 0 3 4 0 0 19 9
Manny Rodriguez 1.1 0 0 0 0 3 ND 0 0 0 4 4 0 1 20 13
Jose Corchado 1 0 0 0 0 2 ND 0 0 0 3 3 1 0 12 9
Santiago Casilla 1 0 0 0 0 3 SV (2) 0 0 0 3 3 0 0 12 9
Carlos Rosa 5 3 2 2 4 1 L (0-1) 1 0 0 17 22 11 2 81 46
Steve Bray 2 2 0 0 1 1 ND 0 0 0 8 9 2 3 35 18
Kahi Kaanoi 1+2 0 2 2 2 1 ND 0 0 0 3 5 1 1 24 11
Dusty Dossett 1 1 0 0 1 0 ND 0 0 0 4 5 2 1 14 6
IBB-Castillo (Dossett), SO-Majewski, Tritle, Brown, Lubanski, Maier 2, Kaaihue 2, Foster 3, Gaffney, Sevilla, Barry, BB-Ingram, Castillo 2, Snyder, Lubanski, Sevilla, Barry Tritle, Perez 2,
HP-Dixon Struman, BS-Robert Price

Voice Of A Season Ticket Holder
by David Malamut

Well I guess its that time a year again, were we all have to sit at ball games all bundled up like its December, just without the snow. Todays game was easily the coldest of the year, as the Cougars made a little easier to deal with by winning four to one. Thus sweeping the Bees in the three game opening series.

The Cougars won the game with thier run in the fifth, but the insurance in the ninth didnt hurt. Chris Dunwell started for the Cougars and pitched well. He went into the sixth inning, giving up only two hits and one run. The bullpen did a nice job again as Drew Friedberg, Manny Rodriguez, Jose Corchado and Jairo Garcia all pitched shutout ball. Freidberg gave up the only hit, and the only walk.

Luke Apper lead the way offensivley with two doubles to right. David Castillo got on base three times via the intentional pass.

Brian Ingram lead off the scoring in the first with a single to right. Appert put down a sacrifice bunt to move him along. Castillo walked. Eddie Kim grounded out to first, the runners moved along ont he play to second and third. Brian Snyder then walked, which loaded the bases. Dustin Majewski singled to left to score Ingram to put the Cougars ahead.

Chris Tritle led off the fifth with a double to center. Luis Perez then grounded out to second, on the play Tritle moved to third. Ingram would reach on an error by the first baseman Kila Kaaihue. A wild pitch would bring home Tritle.

The Bees would show some signs of life in the sixth. Dunwell walked Walter Seville and Jeff Barry back to back. Freidberg then came in and walked Chris Lubanski to load the bases. Angel Sanches then lined one off of Freidberg's glove that wouldv'e made centerfield easily. Seville scored on the play. Freidberg then settled down and struck out Mitch Maier and Kila Kaaihue before being lifted for Manny Rodriguez. Manny struck ut Brian Foster to end the inning.

After that Rodriguez would strike out two of the other three hitters he faced. Jose Corchado struck out two of the three he faced. Jairo Garcia closed it out striking out all three hitters he faced in the ninth. In all the Cougars struck out eleven Bees in the final five innings.

With one out in the seventh Ingram walked. Appert then doubled to right to get Ingram to third. Castillo lined out to short for the second out. Kim would ground out to second to end the threat.

In the ninth the Cougars put up two insurance runs. Tritle and Perez were walked by reliever Kahi Kaanoi. Dusty Dossett then came in and got Ingram to foul pop to third. Appert doubled to right to score Tritle. Castillo was intentionally walked to load the bases. Kim would ground out to first for the second out, on the play Perez would score.

Burlington Hawk Eye
by Susan Denk

The first off day of the Midwest League season is today and it could not have come at a better time for the Burlington Bees.

After a 4-1 loss to Kane County Saturday night at Community Field, the Bees are 0-3 and starting to have a bit of urgency to find that first victory of the season.

Following it's Easter Sunday break, Burlington returns to the field Monday to host Wisconsin. Maybe a change of opponent will help the Bees. The Cougars' pitching had Burlington's number all three nights of the opening series. The Bees had four hits the first game, nne hits but only three runs in 12 innings Friday, and then managed just three hits Saturday when Kane County hurlers struck out 11. Conversely, Burlington pitchers walked eight.

But now the Bees have a chance to breathe and regroup before meeting the TimberRattlers.

"We've been going pretty good since spring training," said Burlington manager Jim Gabelaa, "They've been working hard. They've been doing everythings I've asked them to do, everything the orginization has asked them to do. A day off should recharge everybody's batteries. We'll come back out on Monday, keep working and go from there,"

Luke Appert, the Cougars hero Friday with two hits and four RBIs, had another big night. The second baseman hit two doubles and drove home one.

Burlington had a golden opportunity in the sixth but could must just one run. Starter Chris Dunwell walked Walter Sevilla and Jeff Barry. Reliever Drew Freidberg then walked Chris Lubanski to load the bases. Angel Sanchez's single plated Sevilla and the bases remained loaded with no outs. Freidberg struck out Mitch Maier and Kila Kaaihue for the first two outs and Manuel Rodriguez sat down Brian Foster to end the inning and preserve a 2-1 Kane County lead.

In the final three innings, seven of nine Burlington batters struck out.

"We're doing a lot of good things over the course of the game, we're just having some mental breakdowns where it costs us, pitch selection sometimes, not getting guys in when we have to," Gabella said, "We're not the type of team that's going to come out and get 15 hits and score nine runs. We're the type of team that has good pitching, plays pretty good fundamental baseball, pretty good defense. We have to get timely hits and the situational hitting has to be done better than what we've done so far. And it will be,"

With three straight losses to open the year, the Bees could be entering dangerous territory where they dig an early hole that will be tough to climb out of.

"If you lose three in a row in the middle of the season where you've got wins under your belt, that's not a big deal." Gabella said, "But when it's the beginings of the season and you haven't won one yet, it makes it hard. Once we get that first "W" we'll settle in and we'll get better."

Play By Play

Cougars 1st
Brian Ingram, singles to right
Luke Appert, sacrifice bunt, Ingram to second, Appert out third baseman Maier to first baseman Kaaihue.
David Castillo, walk
Eddie Kim, ground out first baseman Kaaihue unassisted, Ingram to third, Castillo to second.
Brian Snyder walks, bases loaded
Dustin Majewski singles to left, Ingram scores, bases remain loaded.
Trevor Brown, grounds out, first baseman Kaaihue unassisted.
Bees-Rosa, 27 pitches, 15 strikes.

Bees 1st
Chris Lubanski, grounds out, short stop Ingram to first baseman Kim.
Angel Sanchez lined out to right fielder Tritle.
Mitch Maier flies out to centerfielder Lubanski.
Cougars-Dunwell, 14 pitches, 8 strikes.

Cougars 2nd
Chris Tritle, strikes out.
Luis Perez, walks.
Brian Ingram, grounds into a double play, Perez out at second, pitcher Rosa to shortstop Sanchez to first baseman Kaaihue.
Bees-Rosa, 15 pitches 7 strikes, total 42 pitches, 22 strikes.

Bees 2nd
Kila Kaaihue, doubles to left.
Brian Foster, grounds into double play, shortstop Ingram tags Kaaihue, throws to first baseman Kim, who throws to second baseman Appert.
Bryan Graham, flies out to left fielder Perez.
Cougars-Dunwell, 13 pitches, 9 strikes, total 27 pitches, 17 strikes.

Cougars 3rd
Luke Appert, grounds out shortstop Sanchez to first baseman Kaaihue.
David Castillo, fouls out on pop out to third baseman Maier.
Eddie Kim, grounds out to pitcher Rosa to first baseman Kaaihue.
Bees-Rosa 11 pitches, 8 strikes, total 53 pitches, 30 strikes.

Bees 3rd
Mike Gaffney, grounds out third baseman Snyder to first baseman Kim.
Walter Sevilla, grounds out pitcher Dunwell to first baseman Kim.
Jeff Barry, flies out to centerfielder Majewski
Cougars-Dunwell, 8 pitches, 6 strikes, total 35 pitches, 23 strikes.

Cougars 4th
Brian Snyder, grounds out shortstop Sanchez to first baseman Kaaihue.
Dustin Majewski, grounds out second baseman Sevilla to first baseman Kaaihue.
Trevor Brown, grounds out second baseman Sevilla to first baseman Kaaihue.
Bees-Rosa, 15 pitches, 8 strikes, total 68 pitches, 38 strikes

Bees 4th
Chris Lubanski, pops out to third baseman Snyder
Angel Sanchez lined out to centerfielder Majewski.
Mitch Maier, reaches on error by second baseman Appert, overthrew pitcher Dunwell covering first.
Kila Kaaihue flies out to left fielder Perez.
Cougars-Dunwell, 9 pitches, 7 strikes, total, 44 pitches, 30 strikes

Cougars 5th
Chris Tritle, doubles to center.
Luis Perez, grounds out, sacrifce bunt to second baseman Sevilla to first baseman Kaaihue, Tritle moves to third.
Brian Ingram reaches on a error by first baseman Kaaihue.
Luke Appert pops out to right fielder Barry.
Wild pitch by Rosa, scores Tritle and moves Ingram to second.
David Castillo, walks.
Eddie Kim grounds out to first baseman Kaaihue unassisted.
Bees-Rosa, 13 pitches, 8 strikes, total 81 pitches, 46 strikes.

Bees 5th
Brian Foster, strikes out.
Bryan Graham, singles to left.
Mike Gaffney, lines into double play, pitcher Dunwell to first baseman Kim, Graham doubled off first.
Cougars-Dunwell, 11 pitches, 7 strikes, total 55 pitches 37 strikes.

Cougars 6th
Pitching Change:Bees-Steve Bray
Brian Snyder, lined out to right fielder Barry.
Dustin Majewski, strikes out.
Trevor Brown, singles to right.
Chris Tritle, grounds out short stop Sanchez to first baseman Kaaihue.
Bees-Bray 18 pitches, 10 strikes.

Bees 6th
Walter Sevilla, walks.
Jeff Barry walks, Sevilla to second.
Pitching Change:Cougars-Drew Friedberg
Chris Lubanski, walks to load the bases.
Angel Sanchez, singles up the middle off of pitcher Friedberg, Sevilla scores, bases remain loaded.
Mitch Maier strikes out.
Kila Kaaihue, strikes out.
Pitching Change:Cougars-Manny Rodriguez
Brian Foster, strikes out.
Cougars-Dunwell, 11 pitches, 3 strikes, total, 66 pitches, 40 strikes.
Cougars-Friedberg, 19 pitches, 9 strikes.
Cougars-Rodriguez, 6 pitches, 3 strikes.

Cougars 7th
Luis Perez, flies out to centerfielder Lubanski
Brian Ingram, walks.
Luke Appert, doubles to right, Ingram to third.
David Castillo, lines out to short stop Sanchez.
Eddie Kim, grounds out to second baseman Sevilla to first baseman Kaaihue.
Bees-Bray, 17 pitches 8 strikes, total, 35 pitches, 18 strikes.

Bees 7th
Bryan Graham, flied out to left fielder Perez.
Mike Gaffney, strikes out.
Walter Sevilla, strikes out.
Cougars-Rodriguez, 14 pitches, 10 strikes, total, 20 pitches, 13 strikes.

Cougars 8th
Pitching Change:Bees-Kahi Kaanoi
Brian Snyder, lined out to centerfielder Lubanski
Dustin Majewski, grounds out to shortstop Sevilla to firstbaseman Kaaihue.
Trevor Brown, strikes out looking.
Bees-Kaanoi 13 pitches, 8 strikes.

Bees 8th
Pitching Change:Cougars-Jose Corchado
Jeff Barry, strikes out looking.
Chris Lubanski, strikes out.
Angel Sanchez, grounds out second baseman Appert to first baseman Kim.
Cougars-Corchado, 12 pitches, 9 strikes.

Cougars 9th
Chris Tritle, walks
Luis Perez, walks, Tritle to second.
Pitching Change:Bees-Dusty Dossett
Brian Ingram, foul pop out to third baseman Maier.
Luke Appert, doubles to right to score Tritle, Perez to third.
David Castillo, intentionally walked to load the bases.
Eddie Kim, grounds out to first baseman Kaaihue unassisted, Perez scores, Appert to third, Castillo to second.
Brian Snyder, grounds out first baseman Kaaihue to pitcher Dossett.
Bees-Kaanoi, 11 pitches, 3 strikes, total 24 pitches, 11 strikes.
Bees-Dossett, 14 pitches, 6 strikes.

Bees 9th
Pitching Change:Cougars-Santiago Casilla
Mitch Maier, strikes out, catcher Castillo to first baseman Kim.
Kila Kaaihue, strikes out.
Brian Foster, strikes out.
Cougars-Casilla, 12 pitches, 9 strikes.